Old WC 54 Photos

On this page one can see photos of  WC-54's in action. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures. Click here for more old photos 2  or old photos 3. Please sent in your old WC-54 photos so you can share them with other Dodge-nuts.

These 3 photos were sent in by Thomas W. Whitehead fromShannon, Mississippi  USA. His father, Cecil K. Whitehead was a medic in WWII.  He served with the 8th USAAF, 78th Fighter Group at Duxford, England.  Cecil was a medic at the hospital for the 78th, that was 2 miles from the Duxford Airdrome in the village of Thriplow.  The hospital was in the English Mansion,  Thriplow House.

Beach.jpg (22910 bytes)

United States Army ambulances back up to LST U.S.865 to unload wounded soldiers who will be returned to England for convalescence. 43rd Hospital Train, European Theatre 8/17/44.

corp+feminin.jpg (25161 bytes)

The only women ambulance drivers of the Fifth Army front are French girls of the Corps Feminin. They carry out their duties often under shell and mortar fire. Here the girls are lined up on the alert for any call. June 5, 1944

pow.jpg (24966 bytes)

German prisoners carry a wounded comrade on a litter as they marched to the rear of  the 9th US Army sector, near Linnich, Germany in the Roer area.24 february 1945.

wc 54 colmar.jpg (27069 bytes)

French first aid-men transfer an american soldier, wounded in the battle inside the city of Colmar, France, into an ambulance which will carry him to a hospital. First French army, Colmar, France.(1945)

Election.jpg (45924 bytes)

Tankers, signalmen and medics gather around a radio jeep to get the latest election returns.3rd Armored Division,Stolberg, Germany 7 november 1944.

Crash.jpg (62965 bytes)

A crashed United States Army ambulance of the 4 the Amored Division.. Somewhere at the European Theatre.

Tinsley and Truck.jpg (27588 bytes)

Tinsley Ellingsworth was stationed in the Phillipines during 1943-45.  He was a mechanic in the 13th Airdrome Squadron during the latter part of his tour there. This photo was kindly provided by his daughter Vi Ellingsworth-Smith.

RedCross2.jpg (35964 bytes)

Parked hood to door at Fort Wayne Ordnance Depot, Thousands of Detroit-made Ambulances Await Call to Battle Stations. Driven by Medical Corps men.

Dodge12.jpg (50522 bytes)

Detroit, Michigan (vicinity). Chrysler Corporation Dodge truck plant. Dodge Army ambulances are here, lined up for delivery to the Army..

Dodge0ld1.jpg (70119 bytes)

Rows of brand new WC-series Dodges.Take a look at the two vehicles on the right side of the photo. Don't they look like WC-54s?

DodgeOld2.jpg (72475 bytes)

Again factory fresh Dodges. WC-54s on the background!

WC-54deliv.jpg (64599 bytes)

Ambulances ready for shipment.

Wc54-11.jpg (53661 bytes)

Date: 26 December 1944
Location: Bastogne, Belgium
Description: American ambulance waits outside a bombed building in Bastogne, Belgium, while a searcher looks for persons injured during the ten-day defense by 101st Airborne Division.

wc54.jpg (21391 bytes)

The loading of a wounded man on a stretcher by members of the military police. Notice the folded down step.

Scan0.jpg (78428 bytes)

Walt Peters,an Aid Man, sits on the fender of a WC-54 Ambulance. "I started out with the 106th Infantry Div., 424th Reg., 331st Medical Battalion, Co. B as a combat medical aid man. More info on  http://www.ww2medicine.org/ambulance.html.


43-0070a.gif (85820 bytes)

"Pvt. William A. Reynolds..., an ambulance driver exhibits a .50-caliber machine gun bullet which lodged above the windshield of his vehicle when he was strafed by a German plane while driving at the front in France...".

Wc54-3.jpg (41215 bytes)

Here a patient is shown being carried into an airplane for medical evacuation. Notice the jeep!

Wc54-2.jpg (47094 bytes)

Here a patient is shown being carried onto a ship for medical evacuation.

LoadingHospitalTrain.jpg (21960 bytes) Hospital train: Back from the wars, a soldier casualty goes aboard at Staten Island, headed for an Army general hospital near his home.
Image1388.jpg (40064 bytes) A Dodge WC54 crossing the remains of a devastated city.
Dodge_Ambulance.jpg (22091 bytes) I found this black and white photo on the web. Don't know any about this WC54. This Dodge seems to be have been painted in camouflage. Might be a Greec WC54?
DodgeOld3.jpg (51932 bytes) A rare photo of a WC54 on a tropical location. Take notice of the strange camouflage pattern.
DodgeOld4.jpg (79949 bytes)

Notice  the white tips of the fenders on this ambulance. Seems this Dodge wasn't on frontline duty.

Dodgemax.jpg (28943 bytes) A Brasilian soldier posing proudly in front of his Dodge WC54.
Dodgemax2.jpg (54174 bytes) Where there is charity there is.................
t12ambulance.jpg (29427 bytes) Obscure black and white photo of a Dodge ambulance in a forest. Genuine or reenacted?
fh.gif (24657 bytes) Spot the Dodge ambulance in its' natural habitat! A fieldhospital.
21-3033t.gif (17560 bytes) The full caption for this photograph reads: Closing of the Jerome Relocation Center, Denson, Arkansas. Hospital patients were the first to be evacuated and were sent by pullman on the first train leaving for any particular center. Here a patient is shown being carried by hospital attendants from the ambulance to his berth in the pullman. Army nurses and doctors are waiting to take charge for the duration of the trip.

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