Here are some links to other Dodge WC-54 related sites.

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 White Star Military Vehicles. The "sister"site of the Dodge WC54 website. WW2 vehicles in general. Many photos.
Dodgetrip Find out what these guys plan to do with there WC54!
Dodge WC64-KD website A Dutch site dedicated to the other WW2 Dodge Ambulace: the WC64-KD. 
De Bruine Schuur "De Bruine Schuur"(The Brown shed), a great site by two Dutchmen who made their dream come true and bought a Dodge together. Enjoy their stories!

 The Wippenbach MVM museum  

The Wippenbach MV museum does have a Dodge WC-54 in it's collection.
De Groene Soos A club of Dutch military enthausiasts. Among these friends many own Dodges.
Army Ambulances of WW2   Page with info on the Dodge WC-54 and KD64
Ma depaneuse Dodge  Page on a WC54 converted to recovery-truck.
 Olive Drab The Chart of Light Trucks section of Olive Drab provides an overview of the WW2 military Dodge family
 Czech military museum This military museum does have a Dodge WC54 in the collection
Italian MV-site Italian site showing a beautifull restored Dodge WC54
Patton Army Vehicle association   This page shows the Dodges of the Patton Army Vehicle association
WW2 Dodge forum    An open forum  to allow owners and enthusiasts to talk about old Dodges, primarily those in the 1939 - 1945 time frame
WW2 US Medical Research Centre An excellent site, designed to offer an excellent research utility to anyone interested in WW2 United States Army Medical history!
Autogallery   This page gives an overview of WW2 Dodges

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For Manuals Covering Various types of WWII Vehicles, Including Dodge visit Vintage power wagons. A site dedicated to the rare Dodge WC43 Telephone Line Repair Vehicle.

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