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This site is dedicated to the World War Two Dodge WC-54 military ambulance. 

The Dodge T214-WC54 was the standard US Army ambulance of WW II. It was used by the Medical Corps to transport sick and wounded personnel. The WC54 was present in all theatres of war. After the war many Allied nations like France, the Netherlands,Greece, Austria, Belgium and Norway used the Dodge WC-54.

In total a number of over 23.000 WC-54s have been produced. The Dodge WC-54 was based on the wellknown ūTon Dodge "Beep" chassis, which for this purpose got a longer wheelbase and adjusted suspension. The closed sheet-metal body was made by Wayne Body works. It offers room for a driver and four to seven patients plus a medic. If the fold-away bunkstretchers are used, four patients can be tranported. The WC54 was also used, for purposes like as a radio van. 

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