3/4-Ton Technical Manuals

Here is a a list of Dodge WC-54 related documentation issued by the US army. The Technical Manuals (TMs) usefull information to maintain the vehicle and keep it running. TMs are very handy when you are restoring a vehicle.

TM 9-808, Nov 1942. 3/4-ton, 4x4 Truck (Dodge). (Updated - May 1943, Jan 1944, & 1947 )
A guide to vehicle operation, lubrication, preventive maintenance, engine, fuel system, cooling system, ignition system, radio interference suppression, lighting system, gages, misc. electrical equipment, wiring, transmission, PTO, T-case, propeller shafts, axles, brakes, wheels and tires, steering, frame, springs and shocks, body, winch, vehicle storage and shipment and troubleshooting for 3/4-Ton models WC-51 through WC-64. Includes step-by-step instruction, detailed diagrams and part lists.


TM 9-1808 A
Ordnance Maintenance - Power Plant, Clutch, Electrical 3/4 Ton 4x4 & 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 (September 1943)
A guide to disassembly, inspection, repair, installation, rebuilding, electrical troubleshooting, assembly and more for power plant, clutch and electrical system for basic vehicles - 3/4 Ton 4x4 and 1-1/2 Ton 6x6. System diagrams, assembled and disassembled parts view diagrams, general construction descriptions and step-by-step instructions included.

TM 9-1808B
Ordnance Maintenance - Power Train Chassis and Body for Basic Vehicles; 3/4 Ton 4x4 and 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 (Dodge) (November 1943)
A complete maintenance and repair guide to transmission, PTO, T-case, axles, differential and carrier assembly (front and rear axles), engine, clutch, brakes, steering, cooling, electrical, springs and shocks, frame, winch, body and more for 3/4 ton models WC-51 to WC-61 and 1-1/2 ton models WC-62/63. Step-by-step instructions, part lists, systems diagrams, assembled and disassembled view diagrams included. Black & white illustrations.233 pages.


TM 9-1826C/TO 19-75CCA-3
Dodge 3/4 T WWII Type: T-214 Ordnance Maintenance: Carburetors (Zenith)(1952)
A complete guide to Zenith carburetor maintenance that includes detailed system diagrams, exploded parts view diagrams and part lists plus step-by-step instructions to disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair and assembly.Black & white illustrations. 38 pages.
SNL G657
Dodge Master Parts List (December 1943)


Parts list for all Dodge trucks built for the U.S. Army between 1940 and 1943. Includes complete parts breakdown on all Dodges, bearing crossover charts, fuel, brake and oil line dimensions, plus serial, USA registration numbers and production totals-an absolute must for the owner.Black & white illustrations. 628 pages.


ORD 9 SNL G-502
List of all Service Parts for 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Model T-214)(May 1945)
Complete parts list including note symbol, Stock No., Figure No., Ordnance or MFG Part No., Nomenclature, QTY. Per Unit ASSY., and assembled and disassembled parts view diagrams for 3/4-Ton, 4x4 Dodge (Model T-214).Black & white illustrations.430 pages.


ORD 9 SNL G-249
List of All Service Parts for Winterization Equipment - Winterization Kit for Truck, Ambulance, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (SNL G-502) Truck, Cargo 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (SNL G-502) Truck, Cargo, 1-1/2-Ton, 6x6 (SNL G-507) (December 1954)
List of all service parts for winterization kit 3/4-ton 4x4 and 1-1/2-ton 6x6. Parts listings include illustration number, reference symbols, ordnance stock number, federal stock number, MFR's part number, description, quanity incorporated in unit and unit of issue (ea, ft, pkg). Black & white illustrations. 62 pages.


LO 9-808
Lubrication Order - Truck, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Dodge T214) (May 1951)

Covers all lubrication points and needed lubricants for Dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 model T214.Black & white. 1 page (front & back).
*TB ORD 92
Ordnance Wheeled Vehicles: Installation of 5-Gallon Liquid Container Bracket (May 1944)

Captioned illustrations showing various mounting placement for the 5-gallon liquid container bracket for vehicles 1/4-ton 4x4 to 6-ton 6x6. Includes list of needed mounting materials for each mounting setup.Black & white illustrations.11 pages.
TM10-1530, May 1942. Parts List 3/4 Ton 4X4 Dodge Truck WC-51 thru WC-58
TM10-1531, May 1942. Maintenance 3/4 Ton 4X4 Dodge Truck WC-51 thru WC-58
Ord 7 SNL G-502, Jan 1943, Truck, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Dodge Model T214). (Updated - April 1943, June 1943, March 1945, April 1948, July 1951).
Ord 7-8 SNL G-502, July 1944. Truck, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Dodge Model T214).
Ord 7-8-9 SNL G-502, August 1944. Truck, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Dodge Model T214).
Ord 8 SNL G-502, Feb 1943. Truck, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 (Dodge Model T214). (Updated - Aug 1943, March 1945, Jan 1948, May 1951).
Special Reassembly Instructions For Built-Up Stripped Trucks T-214 3/4-Ton Trucks (2-Unit Packs)" 1 July 1942

For manuals covering various types of WWII Vehicles, Including Dodge visit Vintage power wagons.

Interesting books on 3/4 ton Dodges

Here are some interesting books related to the Dodge 3/4 ton vehicles.

Dodge Sur les voies de la liberté
Written by Jean-Michel Boniface. Edition ETAI. 2003. Hard cover, 220x285, 144 pages in  French. This book covers the whole Dodge WC-series story. Starting with the development of the VC-series, it follows Dodges during the war years and beyond. All models are described radio, command, ambulance, weapons carrier. Also the Canadian Dodge. The book includes 222 photos in black and white as well as in colour.
Dodge Modèle T.214 4x4, 3/4 Ton 
Technical revue. French edition.. 210x290. 41 pages.
Dodge WC-1 - WC-64KD 1940-1945 
The number one WW2 3/4 ton Dodge restorers bible. Written by Emile Becker and Guy Dentzer. Autoédition. 150x210. Black & white illustrations. 320 pages


Dodge cinq génération de tous terrains.

By Jean-Michel Boniface and Jean-Gabriel Jeudy. Edition EPA. 1979. French edition. Hardcover 245x225, Mainly black & white but also some color illustrations.263 pages


Dodge WW2 military portfolio 1940-1945


This book was first published in 1985 under the title of Dodge Military Vehicles 1940-1945 Collection No. 1 .22 articles cover the characteristics and use of Dodge MVs during WW2 including full specifications, •G- numbers and historical notes.  In the reprint it was updated including two important articles from the military quarterly Wheels and Tracks. The scope of the book was also broadened to include the story of Dodges' parent company, Chrysler Corporation, who, before Pearl Harbor, laid down plans for the impressive Tank Arsenal in Detroit. This huge undertaking was managed by Kauffman T. Keller who was the successor to Walter Chrysler, and who, in turn, was mainly responsible for Dodge's enormous growth. So the book now includes the 1946 reference work 'TANKS are Mighty Fine Things' by Wesley W. Sto.telling the design, development and production of the General Grant, Sherman and Pershing tanks at the Chrysler operated Tank Arsenal in Detroit. Brookland edition. Soft cover.Black & white illustrations.200x270,140 pages ISBN 185520 5335


Dodge Military Vehicles: Collection No. 1

First edition of the book "Dodge WW2 military portfolio 1940-1945" (see review above). Out of print!  Format: Paperback, 71pp.Publisher: Booklands Books Limited. Pub. Date: January  1985, ISBN: 0946489270




Dave Butler, President of Vintage Power Wagons  (, Fairfield, Iowa, and Fred
Coldwell (, President of Vintimage, Inc., publisher of Denver, Colorado,
proudly announce the publication of a series of books on the development and
production history of Dodge four-wheel drive trucks from 1934 to 1974. The
books will use numerous photographs and extensive research data from the
John Zentmyer Collection of Dodge truck materials that recently was acquired
by Vintage Power Wagons. Additional Dodge truck materials collected by Dave
and Fred over the past 30 years will supplement the Zentmyer information.
The books will be written in chronological order and are expected to be
published in one year intervals beginning in the first half of 2003 about
trucks grouped as follows: Pre-WW II Trucks, 1934-1940; WC ½ ton 4X4
military trucks; WC ¾ ton 4X4 military trucks; WDX-WM300 "flatfender" Power
Wagons; M37 series military trucks; and 1954-1974 civilian 4X4 trucks.
Present plans envision large size hardcover premium books that will
thoroughly document and extensively illustrate each group of Dodge 4X4

Dave Butler has owned, restored, bought and sold Dodge 4X4 trucks and parts
for over 25 years, and knows them intimately. Vintage Power Wagons'
extensive collection of Dodge 4X4 truck information has become the largest
such collection in the world with the acquisition of the Zentmyer materials.
Fred Coldwell has owned Dodge 4X4 trucks since 1972 and has written about
them frequently in the Power Wagon Advertiser. Fred is a published author
with two books about jeeps. His 1996 book, Selling the All-American Wonder,
is a collection of full-size WW II jeep color magazine ads. His 2001 book,
Preproduction Civilian Jeeps, 1944-1945 Model CJ-1 & CJ-2, documents in
extensive detail and illustrates, with over 275 images Willys-Overland's
transformation of the WW II quarter-ton military jeep into the first
production model CJ-2A civilian jeep.

Dave and Fred have known each other since meeting in Denver, Colorado during
1977, when the Dodge 4X4 hobby was in its infancy. They have grown with the
hobby, and their combined experience, knowledge and talent will result in
superior books about these wonderful old Dodge military trucks.