On this page one can see photos of surviving Dodge WC-54's. Most of them restored by their proud owners, some of them unrestored. If you would like to see your WC 54 on this page: Please sent in your Dodge WC-54 photos!

My WC 54!

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This 1942 WC54 belongs to me! It is ex-Greec army. The vehicle was restored in 1999 by the former owner who made a trip to Normandy with it. For more info and photos of my WC54 see My Dodge

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Arjan van der Hoek's WC54

This late model WC54 belongs to Arjan van der Hoek from The Netherlands. Arjan is a member of the Dutch WW2 MV club Keep Them Rolling.



Eric Baecke's WC 54

This WC54 belongs to Eric Baecke from Belgium. Eric owns "Uncle Sam" since 1986. Besides the WC54 Eric has a WC64 KD and a S7MA1. Eric made several trips with his Dodge like to Normandy or the War&Peace show at Beltring.


Reto Stalder's WC 54

This 1943 WC54 belongs to Reto Stalder from Switzerland. The vehicle was used by the Swiss army after the war. It took Reto 4 years to restore the vehicle. Reto told me the WC54 is a rare vehicle in his country. Only 4 known to survive. It has 82nd US Airborne Division markings on it. The 82nd AB fought in during WW2 in Italy, Normandy, Holland and Belgium. And is considered one of the elite forces and still exists today.


Bill Betts' WC 54

These photos were sent in by Bill Betts from Northants, UK. He got his Dodge from the Wilkingson railway yard at Harpenden in 1984 and drove it to Normandy in 1985. In 1993 Bill's Dodge carried the F/A Cup back when Arsenal won it. Video footage of this trip was used as a promo for Sky TV. Bill thinks this is the only WW2 Dodge in the world has that fame.


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The photos on the left show Bills son looking at what is left of a Dodge ambulance at a scrap-yard. 

TheWC54  to the right  belonged to Clive Basett. Clive got it as one of the first from R & R Services (Kent, UK). Clive then let it go. It stood for years in a field and was sold to a man in Suffolk England. Where it is today Bill doesn't know. Maybe you can help!We hope it has a good live!


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The left photo shows Terry Elliots WC54 ambulance. Terry is from London.

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The Dodge next to the tent belongs to a guy named Paul from Swindon.

These photos were taken in June 2002 at Twinwoods Farm in Bedfordshire UK.

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David Carter's WC 54

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Here are some pictures of  David Carter his Dodge. It belonged to the 45th medical batallion atached to the 3rd armoured in WW2.

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WC 54 on the Channel Islands, UK

The WC54 on the photo and painting below is owned Carol & Harry Le Marquand from Jersey, the Channel Islands. The occasion of the photo is Liberation Day may 9th 2001. As the Channel Islands were the only parts of the UK occupied by the Nazis and were the last part of Europe liberated hence May 9th, The markings on "KATY " the WC54 are 350 bombardment group heavy. She is the first 54 to be photographed alongside the B17 "SALLY B" for 54 years. The 51 carries the marks of Force 135 the liberation force for the channel islands. The 51 is owned by Tony Banner from Kent. Tony was so kind to sent this photo.

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Dodge George C. Marshall Museum

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These photos show the WC54  that belongs to the collection of the Marshall museum. The photo of the inner was provided by the War museums website.

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Dodge Victory Museum

These photos show the WC54  that belongs to the collection of the Victory museum.

Dodge for sale

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This Dodge was offered for sale in the Netherlands a few years ago. 

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Dodge restoration

These photos show the restoration of a Dodge ambulance for the Dutch Army museum. This vehicle has now been fully restored.

Dodge WC54 Dongen

Dodge T214 Engine.

Sean Yates' Dodge WC-54    

These photos show the WC54 that is owned by Sean Yates  It spent a good portion of it's life in the Fresno, CA area, so it's relatively rust free.The vehicle was converted to 12 volt and the "windows" were cut in the side to make it into a camper.  It runs, and the brakes work, but it needs going over with a fine toothed comb.


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2002 War & Peace Show, Beltring, UK

2001 War & Peace Show, Beltring, UK

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Millenium War & Peace Show, Beltring, UK

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June 1999, Normandy, France

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Bussum Bridgehead, Bussum, The Netherlands

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