A short biography

I was born on the 8th of may 1970. Together with my father, mother and 3 years younger  brother I enjoyed a happy youth in Zwanenburg, a little town near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After Highschool I studied Political Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Nowadays I live again in Zwanenburg near Amsterdam and work as a staff employee for the  the Flower Auction FloraHolland Aalsmeer.

Here is a little story of how I got infected with "the green thing".

My earliest memories in which military vehicles play a roll go back to 1973. I had to go to hospital for some minor surgery. Since my family felt sorry for me,they gave me a lot of presents. The toys I liked most were given by my great grand parents. They gave me some Dinky Toys like a jeep, a Kubelwagen and a PAK canon. Great stuff to play with. As years passed by my interest for military history grew. It was fed by the exciting stories my grandfather told me about the Second World War. Stories like how they stole from the Germans or how they exercised with parachuted weapons like Stenguns. Like many young kids I played soldier and bought old army stuff at the dumpstore. When I got older I started reading about the war and collecting books on the item. When on holiday I "forced" my parents to visit war related places and museums. I always dreamt of buying a jeep as my first car. Since jeeps weren't as practical as a car for daily use I made a compromise when I got my drivers license. My first car became a Suzuki LJ-80Q (which I do still have). In 1993 my father saw a Ford jeep for sale in the newspaper. We went to have a look and decided to buy it. Once we got the jeep I started to collect militaria to dress it up. These days I have my jeep, and a Dodge WC-54, 5 ex-military bicycles, I  collect books on World War Two, I make battlefield trips, I visit warmuseums, I have this website etc...etc.......etc.

On the old photo to the left one can see me standing next to a familiar military vehicle. It must have been one of the moments that decided a part of my life. It was taken in the middle of the seventies at the old section of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. I remember the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was visiting Holland. On a Sunday afternoon there was a static show on the platform of the airport. Next to the Hurricane, Spitfire and AVRO Lancaster there was a show of military vehicles. My father took the family to the airport and photographed us. This is probably the moment that I first saw a Dodge WC-54 ambulance. By then I didn't know I'd be infected with the "green virus" for the rest of my life. The photo below was taken nearly 25 years later in July 2000.Marcel Brinkhorst, the owner of the vehicle, offered me to drive his 1942 Dodge WC-54 ambulance. It felt like heaven! On the 8th of november 2003 my dream became true. I bought my own 1942 WC54!

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