My Dodge WC54

On this page one can see some photos of my Dodge WC-54. Let  me tell some about it's history. It was build in 1942 by Dodge and the body is by Wayne. I am not sure or it was used during World War Two. After the war is went to Greece as part of the Mutual Defense Aid to Greece by the USA. In Greece it was painted in camouflage but probably wasn't used a lot since most of the straps inside were still packed. In 1988 it was sold by the Greek army to a Dutch company called Scorpios. The director of Scorpios bought a lot of around 30 WC54's and KD ambulances. Some were so rotten that they were scrapped in Greec. The WC's were shipped from Piraeus (Gr) to Rotterdam (NL). Two WC's plus spare parts in one container.  Noteworthy is that all of the ambulance had their engines removed in or by the Greec(e). A part of the lot of the Dodges was sold somewhere in the 1990's to another Dutchman. I am not sure when that happened. Anyway the previous owner of my ambulance bought it from this guy in 1999. Within three months the whole vehicle was rebuild (including the enigine, transfer cases etc) just in time to drive it to Normandy for the 1999 commemorations. It made the trip without any problems! After that it made some minor trips in The Netherlands. In the meanwhile I met the owner on a club event. Already being a WC54 enthusiast I was offered a ride in the vehicle by him. I fell in love with it. One of the happiest days of my live! I already decided to buy a restored WC54 while I was in Normandy 1999. I said to him "Whenever you sell it.....think of me!".  So he did in the autumn of 2003! The vehicle only made +3000 miles since it's restoration. The marking are US 101the Airborne Division, 326th Medical Battalion.