Battle of the Bulge

On this page one can  more photos of  Dodge WC-54's in action during the battle of the Bulge. The battle of the Bulge took place in the Ardennes area during the fierce winter of  '44-'45. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Date:  26 December 1944
Location:  Bastogne, Belgium
Description:  American ambulance waits outside a bombed building in Bastogne, Belgium, while a searcher looks for persons injured during the ten-day defense by 101st Airborne Division.

Date:  3 January 1945
Location:  Huy, Belgium
Description:  Bronze Star medals for their meritorious achievements are being presented to officers, nurses and enlisted men of the 51st Field Hospital of the 68th Medical Group.  They are shown standing at attention in foreground while the rest of the hospital personnel are in background.
Date:  4 January 1945
Location:  La Gleize, Belgium
Description:  An ambulance, carrying wounded from the front to the rear for hospitalization, passes a knocked out German Mark VI (Royal) tank that is being repaired so that it can be sent back to the U.S.  The front is only two miles away.
Date:  4 January 1945
Location:  Belgium
Description:  Private Booker Davis of Philadelphia, Pa., fills a U.S. Army ambulance with gasoline before going on call during a heavy snowstorm in Belgium.  558th Ambulance Company., U.S. First Army
Date:  16 January 1945
Location:  Foy, Belgium
Description:  The condition of a street in Foy, Belgium, shortly after the arrival of the 101st Airborne Division.
Date:  20 January 1945
Location:  Weims, Belgium
Description:  An ambulance returning from the front stops by the roadside as tanks of the 7th Armored Division pass by.
Date:  22 January 1945
Location:  Bastogne, Belgium
Description:  A 90th Division ambulance, removing wounded to a medical base at Bastogne, Belgium, passes a German tank knocked out as the German salient was pushed back.
Date:  30 January 1945
Location:  Wallerode, Belgium
Description:  Deep snow banks on a narrow road halt military traffic in the woods of Wallerode, Belgium.  87th Infantry Division, Third U.S. Army.
Date:  December 1944
Location: Belgium
Description:  Bullet-riddled Army Ambulance (Dodge WC54), 99 inft. div, B Co, 324th Med Bn, during the Battle of the Bulge. For more info click